"...it was like he had been thrown right into the pages of Lampwick's bestiary, where the line between what was real and what wasn't had been blurred..." ~ Chapter Four, The Trial

David and the Heart of Aurasius

David and the Heart of Aurasius wide

Book One in the 'World of Esmorde' series

The story

The 'World of Esmorde' series begins...

Book One introduces us to David Flynn, an insignificant only child with dark blonde hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose. David hates being small. He hates being shy. And when his parents take him to stay with his loopy Grandma out in the middle of nowhere, he hates being David...

But things at Grandma's might not be as dull as they seem. Following a mischevious rainbow lorikeet deep into the bush, David finds a magical glowing Doorway, and suddenly his life-long wish for adventure becomes more real than he could have hoped.

As soon as David steps through the ancient Door it falls to pieces, and he's trapped in an alternate world of wild magic, dark sorcery and warriors wearing leopard-print loincloths. Accused of being a spy for the dragon sorcerer Aurasius, David is forced to stand trial and try to convince the rulers of Esmorde of his innocence. He is saved by a mysterious stranger who reveals David is from the 'otherworld', and David soon learns of Aurasius' terrible legacy, the Curse to End the World, that will eventually turn every living thing in Esmorde to dust.

The rulers of Esmorde also tell David the Curse can only be broken by someone from his own world. Scorning his small size, they don't believe he can break the Curse himself, and instead send him on a perilous journey to the other side of Esmorde to the only remaining Door. His mission: to return home and bring back an adult to save Esmorde. Joined by Tahn the Dragonslayer, a barbarian who either doesn't or cannot speak, Jeeka, half-elf and apprentice to the highest ruler of Esmorde, and Scud, a scruffy peasant with a three-metre long tail, David must overcome increasingly impossible obstacles to reach the Second Door before it's too late...

But will he make it home in time?

And even if he does, will anyone believe him?

David and the Heart of Aurasius book cover

The book

The first inkling of this book started when I was in Grade 12 and had the chance to go to a writer's seminar at Somerset College with some of my Senior English classmates. I was lucky enough to do a workshop with the wonderful author Colleen McCullogh on creating ideas. Colleen had brought with her a basket of various items we were to use as props. Everyone selected an item and wrote a brief story outline inspired by what they'd chosen. My object was a shiny black stone that got warm very quickly. As Colleen passed it to me she said, 'It takes on heat so fast. I wonder what else it could take...' and straight away I thought, what's the worst thing to be taken from you? How about... your soul?

During that class I invented Aurasius, the dragon soul-stealer, with the first part of his name being 'Aura' because that's the part of his victims he could sense, and steal. The original idea was far from what it came to be, starting out with a teenage girl tracking down Aurasius after he'd killed everyone in her village. The idea petered out like hundreds I'd had before, and I never finished it.

Years later I was doing a Professional Children's Writing Course through the Australian College of Journalism (now Cengage Education), and one of the assignments was to draft the outline of a children's novel. The idea of the evil dragon with the heart of stone kept niggling at me, so I re-drafted it with a child as the main character - a child of our own world, thrown into a magic world where earth's fantasy characters came from. I have always been fascinated with mythological beasts and creatures, and especially the fact that during the middle ages, these creatures were truly thought to be real. I began to play with the idea that maybe these creatures - dragons and mermaids and centaurs - had in fact walked among us, and there was some terrible reason they'd all disappeared. Soon the idea of a rift between the two worlds - Esmorde and us, the 'otherworld', began to form, with the former remaining pure and wild, while we sank lower into war, pollution and technological advancement.

So now I had a setting, a main character, and a villain... all I needed was a goal for my main character to work towards - with plenty of obstacles along the way, of course. And so Auraisius' Curse to End the World was created... and the rest of the plot... well... I'll let you find that out for yourself!


'David and the Heart of Aurasius' is suitable for readers 10 years +.

Released October 2010 for RRP $24.95

ISBN: 978-0-9871113-1-9

Available in paperback, PDF, Kindle and Kobo formats from www.worldofesmorde.net

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